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by mom-admin

One Simple Trick to Put Away Your Stress!

Life is hard.

You’re pushed and pulled in all directions and it can seem like everyone is needing something from you. By the end of the day, you’ve got no more to give.

Maybe it feels like there’s a whole lot of you going out and not much coming in to fill you back up!

You lay your head down to sleep at night (too late but still with too many things undone) and your brain is swimming with all the events of the day, what you need to remember to do tomorrow, and worries.

Worries about your kids, your work, your marriage perhaps. Worries about how you’re going to find time or money for this or that. Wondering if you’ll ever get ahead.

All of this stress makes it hard to fall asleep and hard to focus your days on the things that bring you joy! In fact, maybe you have a hard time even remembering the last time you felt true joy or peace!

Let me tell you about a way to put that stress aside, let it go for a while, and experience peace!

Ok, let’s get to it!

First, close your eyes. (Not yet, you need to keep reading!) Let yourself peer inside to where all that junk is piled up!

What’s the first thing you see?

Maybe it’s the conflict at work, worry about your child’s choices or grades, a medical problem, or the bill that came in the mail today.

Whatever it is, just see it. Don’t dig into it or let it take over – stay outside of it and just notice it. For the sake of this explanation, let’s say the first general area of stress is health problems.

Next imagine a container. Anything you’d like – an envelope, box, vault, anything!

I, personally, like to imagine a container that is air-tight and bullet proof. Nothing’s going to escape!

Now imagine filling that box up with everything in your mind that’s related to health problems. Any thoughts, feelings, sensations that relate to the health problems – put them all in the container! Shove them in and close the lid. Lock it if you’d like!

Now imagine yourself giving that container to Jesus to hold. Trust implicitly that He will keep them for you until it is the right time for them to be reopened. Rest peacefully knowing you gave your troubles to God and that is where they will stay until He nudges you to pry them back open!

Step away from it, feel the distance and space between you and the stressor!

Just breathe. . . deeply. . .in and out.

Now unless you’re a superhero with only one thing bothering you, you’ve likely still got an ugly pile staring at you!

Repeat that process and one by one, put them all away! Lock them in containers apart from you, let Jesus take them all from you, to be opened again only when you choose – when the time is right to deal with them.

When you return and find an empty space where that stack of stress used to be, just breathe.

Just relax.

Notice that you are more than your problems.

You are bigger than your problems. God is bigger than your problems!

You were made for great things, not to be bogged down, paralyzed with stress but free – free to fulfill your purpose!

Let yourself rest in that peace. Be still there and know that you are ok because God is in control.

Allow that space to be filled with only positive thoughts and affirmations. Things that bring you joy and build you up.

You are enough. You are loved. You are beautiful. You deserve happiness.

Flowers, sunsets, beaches, mountains, puppies, rainbows, baby giggles – you name it! Whatever brings you joy and peace. Fill that space with goodness and love.

Aaahhh. . . doesn’t that feel great!

Use this technique anytime you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and needing to get balanced and focused again on what’s important! After practicing, you’ll be able to do this very quickly and easily!

Now, it’s important to remember that some of those containers do need to be opened again at some point. There are things that need attention and resolution for you to be truly free of them. And that might take some hard yucky work. But you want them to be opened in the appropriate time and place – when YOU decide to engage them!

You’re basically telling those stressors, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!” You’re in charge and when you’re ready, dealing with them will be much easier – one by one. And it probably seems scary to take care of them once and for all, but it will be worth all the hard work to have them set free for good!

To make this exercise even more powerful, consider adding essential oils!

Oils have long been known for their ability to enhance meditation and prayer. They can assist in grounding, stress-relief, and increased self-awareness.

Consider using Frankincense for awakening insights and lowering stress, Grounding blend (as the name implies) for grounding, Vetiver for calming the chatter in your brain, or Lavender for relaxation.

Remember that not all essential oils are created equally! If you’d like more information about the oils that I love and trust for my family, click here to learn more.

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