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Put Away Stress

by mom-admin
One Simple Trick to Put Away Your Stress! Life is hard. You’re pushed and pulled in all directions and it can seem like everyone is needing something from you. By the end of the day, you’ve got no more to give. Maybe it feels like there’s a whole lot of you going out and not much coming in to fill you back up! You lay your head down to sleep at night (too late but still with too many things undone) and your brain is swimming with all the events of the day, what you need to remember to do […]

Finding Joy

by mom-admin
Sometimes I get stuck. I sit in my house, with my kids swirling around me. I see the dirty dishes but don’t feel like washing them. The pile of pajamas in the living room seems to be growing as I sit. Sticky finger prints from breakfast overtake the glass table top. Papers from my school kids clutter the counter tops. And I sit. I scroll. I read headlines. I try to busy the kids enough to keep them out of my hair. Days like this I see the sunshine outside but getting the kids ready and dragging myself out there […]

5 Tips to Slow Down

by mom-admin
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been racing. A constant striving to be the fastest, do things in the most efficient way – just get them done. In elementary school, I wanted to get done with the 100 facts math sheets first, to complete the exam, or raise my hand with an answer before anyone else. Myself and my other type A classmates would put our pencils down with a clack on the desk so that others would know we were finished with an answer. At home, my siblings and I were constantly timing ourselves to see how […]